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  • SuperReturn U.S. West 2017 Conference, San Francisco, February 6, 2017 Martin Day moderated a panel on “A Complete Guide to Structuring the Co-investment Deal”
  • Toronto Pensions Conference 2016, Toronto, November 29, 2016 David Rogers presented on “The changing World of Pension Investment: Evaluating New Rules on Ownership Restrictions, Infrastructure Investment, and other Critical Issues”
  • SuperInvestor Amsterdam 2016, Amsterdam, November 15, 2016 Martin Day moderated a panel on “What makes the Perfect Co-Investment Partner?”
  • Canadian Private Equity Summit 2016, Toronto, November 9, 2016 Martin Day spoke about “Co-Investments and Going Direct”
  •  SuperReturn Infrastructure 2016, London, September 21, 2016 Martin Day moderated a panel on “Infrastructure Investment Models: Why are Investors Gravitating to Direct and Co-Investment Models Whenever Possible?”

 Caledon Capital: Could Potentially See Opportunities from Brexit

Jun 17th, 2016

The ramifications of a potential Brexit will be seen across the Atlantic, which has led several Canadian lawmakers and corporate executives to voice their opinions on the vote. One Canadian company, however, expects to see some opportunities in Europe, should the U.K leave. Caledon Capital Management helps small and medium-sized pension plans invest in larger private infrastructure and private equity. David Rogers, Founding Partner, Caledon Capital Management speaks on The Daily Brief.


Infrastructure Investing in the Spotlight

Jun 10th, 2016

Stephen Dowd, Partner at Caledon Capital joins Bloomberg TV Canada’s Rudyard Griffiths to discuss where to find opportunities in the infrastructure space as investor appetite continues to rise.


Big LP emerges in Canada, sets sights on private equity

Jan 25th, 2016

Newfoundland and Labrador Pooled Pension Fund (NLPPF), a $9 billion pension system, is creating a first-time allocation to private equity and infrastructure with the help of advisor Caledon Capital Management.

NLPPF, which oversees the pension assets of government employees, teachers, and other public sector groups in..